April 25 – David Burden on “Virtual Worlds: A Future History”

When: April 25, 15:00 to 16:00 CET / 6:00 to 7:00 am SLT
Where: VCEI in Second Life
Also livestreamed and recorded for viewing at a later date on NVWN’s livestream channel.

On April 25, NVWN would like to invite you to a presentation by David Burden titled: “Virtual Worlds: A Future History”. David’s slides can be found here:

About Daden Limited

Daden are specialists in creating immersive learning and visualisation environments. Daden enable our clients to use innovative new technologies to deliver real business benefit, whether that is through creating more efficient and effective training, examining large sets of structured or unstructured data in order to make better decisions, or creating engaging virtual personalities who can provide enhanced and personalised customer service 24/7.

Our clients come from both the public and private sector, and from the UK and abroad. In the public sector we have worked with Government Departments and Agencies, with City and Local Councils, with educators from Universities to Schools, and with health and care providers. In the private sector our clients have ranged from housing associations and marketing companies to major financial services providers and car manufactures.

Daden is about helping businesses take a fresh approach to traditional challenges through using some of the most advanced and engaging technology around today.

About David Burden

David started his career in army communications before being “demobbed” in 1990. During the Dot Com boom David founded a mobile data company and set up the Midlands chapter of the First Tuesday networking organisation. David has been involved in artificial intelligence and virtual worlds since the mid 1990s. He has been in Second Life since 2004 and has also had homes in There.com and Alpha World. David founded Daden in 2004 to help organisations exploit the social, educational and commercial potential of virtual worlds. David has also written a number of successful science-fiction role-playing game books.


No registration is necessary. We hope to see you there!


About Robin Teigland

Robin Teigland is an Associate Professor at the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), as well as the caretaker of SSE’s island in Second Life. Robin’s research interests revolve around the creation and diffusion of knowledge in social networks and the impact on a firm’s competitive advantage. The focus of her current research is on investigating how virtual worlds and social media are enabling firms to create value outside the boundaries of the firm. She has published numerous articles in international books and academic journals, and in 2008 she received the “Researcher of the Year” award at the Stockholm School of Economics. In addition, she is a reviewer for the US National Science Foundation as well as a globally sought after speaker. Robin really enjoys teaching students at the Stockholm School of Economics and lecturing for executives. In March 2010, she started the NVWN a pan-Nordic project financed by the Nordic Innovation Center investigating innovation and entrepreneurship in virtual worlds.